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From / / शिकार (shikār) < (shekâr).




  1. Hunting, sport; a hunting expedition.
    • 1888: Where other men took ten days to the Hills, Strickland took leave for what he called shikar, put on the disguise that appealed to him at the time, stepped down into the brown crowd, and was swallowed up for a while. — Rudyard Kipling, ‘Miss Youghal's Sais’, Plain Tales from the Hills (Folio Society 2007, p. 25)
  2. hunting guide (elsewhere besides India, e.g. Australia)

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Shikaar or Shikar is an Urdu/Hindi word meaning Hunt, or hunting. For details on the form of regal hunting practised in India during the colonial period, see Shikar. It is also the title of the following Hindi films :-
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